Thursday, 7 June 2012


Dress - Tunnel Vision
Jacket - Barbour
Shoes - Kimchi Blue
Hat - Wilfredfree

UGH it's so inconvenient, this rain. I mean, I'm trying to BLOG here!!! I almost didn't go outside because 1. it was way too gloomy outside and 2. I didn't want to ruin the camera that takes my photos, but then a magic break in the rain occurred and it was awesome. It just sucks that the rain will continue this whole week and most of next (basically until I get out of school) except for Saturday. Look forwards to a really waterlogged me.

On a better hand, this dresssss kills me. The colour and the flowy-ness of it and the fact that it's super sheer are just the besssst. I wore this to Wicked on Saturday (sans the hat; I just put that on because I got cold) and my slip kept awkwardly riding up whilst I was sitting down in the theatre because LESSON: skin-tight dresses don't like to stay down when you're not wearing tights under them. BUT IT WAS A DARK THEATRE so whatever. I got by.

Hey and guess what: eleven more days until I leave London. And then I'll travel about BC, the US, Ontario, and then DUN DUN DUN it'll be time for me to don my kilt-inclusive uniform and leave my sheer dresses behind (at least during school hours). Be excited.


  1. Loving the dark lips with this delicate light lace dress! Loving the alley way shots too!
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  2. your dress - of COURSE its from TV. their shit rocks! and i love it. you look super cute

  3. I love your style! that maxi dress is gorgeous!

    following your lovely blog~

  4. it's been raining like crazy here too. cats, dogs, tree branches, everything has been falling from the sky with a big wet swamp growing on the ground.

    you've managed to take photos in the rain! I am proud of you! I've always had great difficulty with the rain shots, but you do it brilliantly.

    That dress is so delicate and pretty.

    Have a wonderful day. Fingers crossed for Sunshine!

    sending you happy spells

  5. I am in love with that dress, nice combination with the hat and jacket.